Stock Abbreviation : 長鴻高科

                          SHANGHAI Stock Number : 605008

                          Ningbo Changhong Polymer Scientific and Technical Inc. is a high-tech enterprise in the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) industry. Since its establishment, it has been focusing on the research and develop, production and sales of styrene-based thermoplastic elastomers (TPES). The company insists on independent research and development, continuously improves the research and development capabilities of the full range of TPES products. It has achieved fruitful results in hydrogenated TPES, namely SEBS and SEPS technologies. At the same time, the company focuses on market development and changes, on the basis of continuously enriching and improving the existing SBS and SEBS product series, in-depth practice of supply-side structural reforms, accelerating the construction of SEPS production capacity, and promoting the development of China's SEPS industrialization. The company strive to realize the research and development, production and sales capabilities of the full range of TPES products, and provide high-performance, high-value-added environmentally friendly new materials for the implementation of the healthy China strategy to build a beautiful China, which in order to replace traditional low-end, low-environmental protection performance materials, and continue to meet the people the growth of a better life needs.

                          As a key product of the "13th Five-Year Plan" for the new materials industry, TPES is a new type ofdeveloped polymer and a major breakthrough in the theory and application of polymer materials science and engineering. It has both the dual performance and broad characteristics of rubber and thermoplastics, shows high elasticity of rubber at room temperature, which can be plasticized and molded at high temperature. It is a new type of polymer material that can replace traditional synthetic rubber and is an upgrade of traditional synthetic rubber. The variety is known as the "third generation rubber" after natural rubber and synthetic rubber.

                          The production technology of the company’s TPES products has reached the advanced thelevel of the same industry. Relying on stable and good product quality, the company’s brand awareness has been continuously improved. It has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with major upstream and downstream high-quality customers and suppliers. At the same time, the company is also actively promoting product internationalization process.

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