Stock Abbreviation : 長鴻高科

                          SHANGHAI Stock Number : 605008

                          SEPS Downstream Applications

                          Product Use:

                          It is widely used in high-end applications such as optical fiber and cable filling ointment, large temperature span, high-grade lubricant viscosity index modifier, cosmetics, highly transparent medical materials, plastic modification, etc. It is also used as a high-end adhesive for medical, electrical insulation, interlayer bonding of food packaging and composite bags.

                          Product Features:

                          The molecular chain has low regularity and is not easy to crystallize. Compared with partially crystalline SEBS, it has better flexibility and high elasticity, higher stability, excellent mechanical properties, weather resistance, low temperature resistance, electrical insulation, heat resistance,and good compatibility with polyolefins and styrene-containing polymers.

                          The Downstream Application


                          Lubricating Oil Viscosity Index Modifier

                          Optical Fiber and Cable Filling Ointment

                          High-transparent Medical Materials

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